Many business people have cut back on their direct mail campaigns due to the increased use of the internet, rising mailing costs and general economic climate.


That being said, the necessity still exists to touch and retouch clients, prospects, lost customers and at the same time grow the list of the business. All of these components must be accomplished in an extremely cost effective way.


EZ Wallpaper MarketingTM is one solution to this Marketing Problem.

  • Touch or retouch your customer with a fun, compelling, motivational wallpaper.
    Add an offer.
  • Put your contact info for easy access.
  • The special “live” link desktop button will sit on the desktop and provide instant access to you the business with a single click
  • The “forward to a friend” allows you to capture each email as it is forwarded.

Call for campaign lengths and pricing details, 410-788-2007

**Additional fees may apply for email message copywriting, delivery method setup and maintenance, performance reports, email message setup and distribution, custom campaigns and select stock images.