Photo Collages

BS_srrita2-FINALAt celebrations and commemorations, the easiest way to remember an event or a person is through visuals. Sometimes, our memories can fail us but photos will always depict an event just as it happened. At informal events, photos are often pasted on boards bought at a craft store, but for more formal events, this is insufficient.

PDA Marketing offers large, formal photo collages for many occasions including retirements, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, and memorials. Each collage includes multiple photos of family, friends, and/or coworkers and an inspirational quote that pertains to the event.

Seasoned creative and marketing executives, sisters Andrea and Theresa Ratajczak will arrange your photos into an eye-pleasing collage with a professional background and clean layout. Each collage includes artwork, printing, mounting, laminating, and framing to protect your photos for years to come.

Call 410-788-2007 for more details.