“PDA’s Marketing’s formula for success is attributed to our core values of excellence and the dedication of our team, states Andrea Ratajczak, Vice President.” 

Sisters and co-founders Andrea and Theresa Ratajczak are an energetic team with complementary skill-sets.

Co-owner Andrea Ratajczak, marketing strategist, brings to PDA Marketing a background knowledge of strategic planning, market positioning, media relations, partnership alignments, online and offline campaign development and copy writing.

Theresa Ratajczak has extensive experience in visual design and creative development.  Theresa manages the in-house design team at PDA.  Her project management portfolio includes product and identity packaging, comprehensive branding initiatives, research and information marketing, outdoor marketing campaigns, marketing tool development, brochure development and annual report designs.

Whether based on the immediacy of business, or the need for long-range planning and growth, PDA Marketing works closely with its partner clients to create synergistic solutions, creative campaigns and in-depth development of innovative concepts. Their approach is results based.

“It’s all about connecting our clients and their message with their target audience/s.  We consider our work a partnership relationship with our clients” says Andrea Ratajczak, PDA Marketing’s vice president. “Professional and willing, we take each project personally. Our clients’ concerns and issues become our concerns and issues, because our success depends on our clients’ success.”

Unconventional problem solving, is Andrea’s most telling strength. She is result-driven, and her ability to move and motivate clients routinely meets with success.  Prior to PDA Marketing, Andrea owned an award-winning direct mail firm where she not only delivered repeated successful mailing campaigns but also matched that effort in providing her clients with marketing strategies that were creative and innovative. She is now routinely called upon to initiate website overhauls and incorporate mobile marketing strategic plans. Read More

Theresa Ratajczak drives the creative energy that fuels the concepts unmatched in the industry. She draws her design instincts from her extensive theatrical design background. “Creating and building sets and being involved with the demands of creating illusion and metaphor from the viewer’s perspective helps me approach each project,” says Theresa Ratajczak. In addition to her design background, she managed marketing campaigns of all sizes in the commercial real estate industry in and around Baltimore, Md. Read More